Excite at Home - @ease benefit plan

bucket/AtHome[email protected] could not get employees to pay attention to it's benefit brochures. Less than one-third of the company's staff participated in open enrollment. It fell on me to create a campaign to explain the benefit changes, encourage enrollments, and boost savings plan participation. The @ease theme struck a chord. Research showed that employees simply didn't understand their options. Moreover, the majority of employees believed the HR department was working to create more work, not less, on fewer benefit dollars, not more. Both believes were untrue. The print materials captivated their audience, while the online open enrollment intranet ensured @ease was -- in fact -- easy to use. The result? A 99.8% participation rate, 7% increase in employee contributions to the 401k, and a 12% increase in the cafeteria plan. Wrote the project manager in an email, "Kawika saved the day and made our all HR's hard work worthwhile. Thanks for a great campaign!"