Fireman's Fund - "Make Your Old Job Jealous"

bucket/FFIn 1999, Fireman's Fund was struggling to recruit qualified personnel to its Marin County headquarters. It was too far from San Francisco's hotbed of activity. It couldn't match the dotcom dollars being thrown at prospective employees. And, most importantly, it was an insurance company. How could the company compete? asked the CEO to a group of consultants gathered in Sausalito. He wasn't in the mood for platitudes. No one answered until I spoke. "Sir, communication cannot bore people into action." Fireman's Fund needed to confront the truths of the market, appeal to the long-term interests of applicants, and -- most importantly -- kick the crap out of competitors. "Make Your Old Job Jealous" became more than copy. The phrase became a rallying cry for the company's recruiting and human resource efforts. It paid off. Applications doubled and Fireman's Fund kept the consulting firm (Zabit & Associates) on for future HR communication work.